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Wine production

Uvas de las cepas de Quinta Gaia Cepas de QuintaGaia Uvas de las cepas de QuintaGaia Uvas de las cepas de QuintaGaia

Our vines, the soul of the harvest.

The process of making our wines is based on an intense and professional work carried out in our vineyards, respecting tradition but making use of new technologies.

Witnesses of good times... keepers of good stories.

The winery

They inhabit these vineyards and winery, on the coasts of the granite lands crowned by mount Novelle, named in honor of the pre-Celtic goddess Navia, and lit on clear nights by the glow of the moon in the waters of the river Miño. The lands of Castrelo de Miño are the providers of millions of strains and wines for more than two thousand years, secondly, the cave sites found in the archaeological sites of the place testify.

The wines of this land, are witness and part of the history of the place and of our country, Galicia. They were tasted by ancient cultures: Phoenician, Celtic, Roman, Swabian ... They lived with the abbess Goto Nuñez, wife of the King of Galicia Sancho Ordoñez (both buried in the double monastery of the place). In the Castrum Mineia, the church and monastery of Santa Maria settled. With traces of the Romanesque with figures of wolves, dogs ... in the arches and reliefs with scenes of Christ. They met Archbishop Diego Xelmirez and Queen Urraca, with their son Alfonso crowned in the year 1111, September 17 in the cathedral of Santiago by Xelmírez himself, as King of Galicia.

The wines traveled the world, especially to England and also to America, they were and are drunk in different cultures and nations. Elaborated in a patient and loving way, generation after generation, by the inhabitants of these lands. Bodegueros, bodegueras, who work to moisten our lives in a simple way.

The Quinta Gaia winery is a drinker of this evolution in the history of wines and Galicians. Our wines know and tell stories and cultures, not known, but ours.

There it lives, the wine from the Quinta Gaia winery. Came with brutal affection, velvet on the palate. It slides sweetly down our throat, wetting it. It screams for being savored, and it certainly feels like savoring it. The wine is: treixadura, mencía, doña blanca, exarauxa, albariño, godello, palomino, torrontés, side, loureira, sousón, caíño, brancellao ...

The Quinta Gaia winery is joy as its name dictates. It wants to be more than a winery. It wants to be a place where the senses bubble in all their intensities. Place to accompany a cup of wine, with pleasant talks. The key to the pipe, always open, to tell us the story of the Galician wine growers. Quinta Gaia, will be a tasting: of wines, of stories, of cultures and above all, of the knowledge of the unsurpassed Galician wines, on the other side of the Galician land.

We will always be there for friends, lovers and tasters of the excellent Galician wines, and also in the conversation about wines.

Our wines

Tinto ribeiro

5 €


8 €

Mencía Barrica

8 €

Branco Ribeiro

5 €

Tinto Mencía

5 €

Our liquors

Aguardiente de hiervas Quintagaia

Herbs liquor

200 ml 4 €
500 ml 9 €

Aguardiente blanca Quintagaia

White liquor

200 ml 4 €
500 ml 9 €

Wines export

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Wine tourism

Wine tourism routes near the Quinta Gaia winery


News about Quinta Gaia.

The Angola food, beverage, distribution and logistics industry fair.
From May 8 to 11, 2019, in the Luanda-Bengo special economic zone (ZEE).

"Galician products".
From 9th to 12th September 2020 in Riga, Latvia.

"Opening doors in the South of China for Galician wines".
From September 18th to 20th 2020, in Shenzen (China).

Quintagaia - wine catalog

Quintagaia wine catalog
(Galician and Spanish)

Quintagaia wine catalog
(English and Chinese)


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